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Buy GBL – Easy and Secure. is your contact for GBL or gamma-butyrolactone – CAS: 96-48-0. Thanks to our global network of suppliers, we are always able to provide to customers from the European area and worldwide. Our many customers include corporate customers and private individuals. We would like to point out that we are selling GBL only for LEGAL purposes. Other requests will be deleted immediately.

GBL can be used for various purposes. With us you can buy the best and purest GBL. We only offer BASF quality with a purity of at least 99.9%.

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With us, Ordering GBL cleaner is very easy. Simply find the desired amount of gamma-butyrolactone. If you are ready, close the order by entering your name and delivery address in the corresponding line. After the purchase you will receive an e-mail with the payment instructions. In order to complete your order, each customer will be required to fill out a final declaration of completion (English language) for each order.

The link to the download for the final statement and a description of how to fill it up can be found here:

Also the details for payment instructions here:

Why do you have to buy GBL from us?

We have been active in this business field for several years. Our company is specialized in dealing with this product and has a wide range of suppliers on the market. We sell honest and high quality products. Quality is always the most important criterion for us. Nevertheless, we are able to offer the best price to our customers, thanks to the large purchasing volume. If we buy GBL, then it’s only of the best quality and highest purity.

For you to download the latest analysis and the safety data sheet:

Shipping usually takes place by DHL Express, DPD or POST.LT. The shipments that are sent with DHL Express usually require less than 2 days to arrive. For more information about shipping, please visit:

What are the possible uses for GBL?

GBL is a very versatile chemical. As an industrial chemical, the application area ranges from color removal via the textile industry to the pharma sector. GBL is used as solvent, reagent and starting material.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please note, however, that our chemical expertise is limited.

So if you’re looking for GBL, then you’re in the right place.

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