GBL hazards – Improper handling can be fatal

We strongly advise against the misuse of gamma-butylactone and its consumption by humans or animals. Illegally consuming GBL can cause loss of consciousness, coma, breathing difficulties, or even death. Consumption can also cause long-term chemical addiction which results in permanent, irreparable damage to the human organism. We forbid any kind of misuse of this product and inform you that swallowing it can be fatal.

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GBL bears a lot of hazards


We conduct a blacklist that lists conspicuous or reported clients. Those will not be granted permission to order and will also be reported to other companies for their own safety.

Relatives and others can contact us to confidentially report conspicuous individuals whom we will list immediately. If you happen to notice any case of misuse, please contact a physician immediately so that they can make sure the individual can be treated accordingly. GBL can very quickly lead to addiction – especially in people who have had alcohol- or drug problems before. For those individuals, developing GBL addiction can take as little as a few weeks. The only way of treating this is a long-term treatment of the individual in question. The dangers of GBL are significant. More information about the dangers and risks of misuse of GBL can be found on Wikipedia.

According to the EU guidelines for the identification of hazardous goods, GBL is rated as a health hazard (Xn).


We sell GBL for use in research, analysis, as well as a solution for removing paints and lacquers. Using it for any of the other legal purposes listed is also permitted. If we happen to be notified about any form of misuse, we will contact the customer in question immediately and put them on our blacklist.