On this page, you will find all you need to know about shipping our GBL cleaner.

Shipping inside the EU

For shipping inside the EU, we offer DHL Express and DPD Classic, as well as shipping via regular mail. You can select your preferred shipping provider during checkout.


We charge a flat fee for shipping no matter how much you order – we carry most of the cost. Our fee is calculated based on the lowest rate.


DHL Express allows you to receive your order as quickly as possible as DHL usually ships within 1-2 business days. It is rare for a shipment to take longer than 1 business day to arrive. Price: 34,90€


DPD Classic or DPD Economy is a great choice as well as shipping usually takes 3-4 business days. It is also much cheaper. Over years, we have never experienced a case where shipping took longer than the 3-4 days that are advertised. Price: 16,99€


Shipping via Post Lithuania takes the longest at 5-7 business days and is more expensive than DPD. Therefore, we don’t recommend using this provider inside of Europe. Also, you will only receive your tracking number once the package reaches the post office which could take up to one day. Price: 18,99€


Shipping outside of the EU

We ship to nearly every country in the world with DHL express. In some cases, this is not possible however. For those countries, we offer Post Lithuania as an alternative. There are a handful of countries we cannot ship to because of policy differences. A list of the countries we do not ship to can be found below.


Post Lithuania is a good and affordable choice for international shipping. On average, a package takes between 8-14 business days to arrive. In most cases however, packages reach customers even sooner than that. If you are living in Brazil / Russia / Turkey, shipping via Post Lithuania is the only option. Price: 29,90€


DHL Express Worldwide is a more expensive but faster alternative. Here, delivery also only take 1-2 business days. Sadly, DHL express is not offered in all countries Price: 39,90€



DHL Express is NOT available for shipping to the following countries:

United States of America

The Scandinavian Countries

Some Spanish islands







DPD Classic is NOT available for shipping to the following countries:

Any country outside the EU


Shipping to Ireland may be problematic

Some Spanish islands


We do NOT ship to:

United States of America



If a shipment happens to be returned to us, we will automatically send it back to the customer. This is free of charge and part of our service. There are some exceptions however. If a package could not be delivered because the customer was not reachable, did not pick up their package from the post office, or has provided the wrong address, we reserve the right to charge more shipping costs as a service fee.


Please contact us in case of any delays or problems so we can prevent these in advance. Our customer support is always there to help you.